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Interior Design Imagery

When shooting for an interior designer we take a moment to absorb the ambience that the room generates. Then we look for the fabrics, colours, artwork and shapes that the designer has used to craft this ambience and use those, along with careful compositions and lighting, to convey the right feeling in our photographs. 

Dining area from breakfast bar
Breakfast bar to living area
Dining feature
Dining area
Corner detail
Sofa feature
Bedside details
Armchairs symmetry
Living room
Corner feature
Loveseat feature
Hallway overview
Hallway feature
TV room
Bed feature
Bed one point
Sofa and artwork
Sofa one point
Sofa detail
Chair to garden
Entering bedroom
Bed one point
Lifestyle dining
Seating area
Living room
Sitting area
Dining table open plan
Reading corner
Hallway to kitchen
Kitchen to dining area
Bedroom chair
Girl's bedroom
Sofa end
Living room overview
One point lamp sofa
Bedroom symmetry
One point bathroom
Dining atmos
Copper grey bedroom features
Elegant bedroom
Hygge bedroom
View down to dining table
Bedroom seating
Drawing room feature
Pink bedroom
Pink bedroom feature
Blue chair detail
Entrance to bedroom
Snug entrance feature
Sitting area
Bed portrait
Bedroom chair feature
Dining to living portrait
Design feature
Wall feature
Sideboard and chair
Artwork and dresser
Bed details
Dining atmos wide
View down portrait
Dining portrait
Living room one point
Cushions detail
Bedroom detail
Buttons and throw

From wider shots to close-ups, our videos showcase how the design fits together from the project as a whole right down to the details, to convey the feel of the room.
Landscape or portrait – you choose! Landscape might be better for your website; portrait displays well on social media.
Not sure which? View the videos below to help you decide!

Hatch Place Mews

Hatch Place Mews
Hatch Place Mews

Hatch Place Mews

Play Video
Bardolph House

Bardolph House

Play Video
Oak Tree House

Oak Tree House

Play Video
Scott Close

Scott Close

Play Video

“Miriam and the team have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I can 100% know that her photographs have made an impact on the growth of my business - I have received higher quality enquiries and more of them! Thank you to all of you!”

– Caroline, Willow Grey Interiors

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